Saturday, December 28, 2013

Best of 2013

I usually browse through my blog entries in order to do my yearly reflection. But not being religious in posting blog entries here since early in the year (Read: 1-3 post a month) as well as decided to terminate my self-domain when it reached its 6th year anniversary, there's nothing much to reflect from my blog.


I do Instagram!

Most of my best moments were captured and posted on Instagram. So, I can safely say that my reflections are mostly documented there.

Here's 5 snapshots of my best moments on Instagram.

They pretty much conclude what I have been up to this year.....
My love for dressing up, yoga, relationship and my dog, Bam Bam the Mini Pinscher. Although, I'm positive my Cerita Kuku would have topple the rest cos they always get the most likes. Too bad I have removed them from my personal account to another account on Instagram.

Another year passed by, with many bitter and sweet memories, experience learned and hope and faith for the future.

Au Revoir 2013 and Happy New Year 2014!



  1. Hi Chegu! :D Happy New Year to you and family..

    1. Happy New Year to you and family too Annie!! And happy enjoying your maternity leave :)

  2. Holaaaaa!! HNY Chegu Carol, have a fun days in 2014 xx

  3. Happy New Year to u and family Carol!

  4. Holaaaaa... I was here tapi teda update.. ^___^

    1. Fay, nah update sudah hehehe. After one year. Phewwww


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