Thursday, February 13, 2014

A different kick-off

Not really a New Year post eh?

I am still here. Still blog hopping whenever possible. Still browsing my blog once in a while. Just no intention to post anything. Life has been pretty busy on my other social networking sites i.e. Facebook, Instagram. Hence, the lack attention in here.

42 days had passed since New Year and proud to say that, I have not been sleeping past 9am anymore. On working days, it's inevitable to wake up at 5am because of work. But on weekends, it would be 6am. Why?

My first Yoga at the beach on the first Saturday of 2014.

If it isn't Yoga, I would turn to running to get my ass up in the morning.

I say, this is a different start to my 2014. Before, I always look forward weekends to wake up after 8am. Now, even though I am still depending on alarm clock, waking up isn't much of a problem anymore. Of course, there are times when I feel like cuddling under the blanket. Like those time in Jan when rain continuously pouring night and day. But, the thought of 'If I wake up late, I'll miss my morning yoga session' kind of bugged me.

And why do I love morning work out?

I've ran and do yoga in the evening. Most of the time actually. But, nothing beats the feeling of having to see the sun goes up while you run. Or doing the Downward Dog while listening to birds coming out of their nests. The quietness of morning before it turns to buzz due to day time activities. It just feel so refreshingly amazing. 

The great post-work out sensation plus the wonderful experience of nature very much affect my soul, my perception of life and how I would live it. This may sound cliche but yes, this whole working out thingy makes me feel content about living my life. I remember blogging about this end of last year; feeling unfinished. Somehow, the blockage that I was experiencing at that time kind of drifted away now. I feel... cleared.

Another great thing, my other half is on the bandwagon as well. And really determined about it too. He started his gym routine in Jan at 95kg. Fast forward a month and almost half, he is now 87kg. Almost 10kg! He is very disciplined on his work out regime that I am expecting he would soon turn to a work out junkie more than I.

So yeah... this year seems to be looking at fitness and health in our book in the hope that with such healthy life style will eventually bring more goodness and benefits into our lives. Whatever they are.

A toast to a healthy way of living!



  1. Replies
    1. 8kg to be exact. but still, that's a lot kan?

  2. Yeayy! My D and i also in the making to stay fit and healthy this year..

    1. Yaa harap2 berpanjangan laini usaha keep fit and healthy ni...kudos to you both too!

  3. This year is all about keep fit and healthy. All the best to you and your hubby.

  4. Cantik oh kan pose d beach kan chegu.. n congrats juga sama ur mister sebab pigi gym suda ni.. yay!!

  5. Hey Chegu! Looking forward to meeting you soon hehe. Maybe you can motivate my gf and I to start doing yoga :D

    Have a happy weekend!

  6. I am literally inspired but my lazy bones are still doubtful. Tips for a consistent yoga and workout routine?


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