Friday, August 23, 2013

Something to tick off...

I am participating in Borneo International Marathon 2013.
As a runner!

I have thought of it since last year but was not courageous enough to sign up cos I was never a long distance runner. I do not know how far I could cope with running more than a 400m distance (that's the furthest I ran for a competition). Yet, knowing that I would never know my limit and capability if I don't give myself a shot intimidates me. I would not have joined this race if the run was not postponed to three months later though. So when it was postponed and my friend, Maslight gave a shout out about it... heck, it's now!

I had roughly two months to train but Miss Sloth in me always came in between. In the end, I only have two weeks. My last training was yesterday. I managed to clock a good time for a 10km distance. I am happy. At least, I know I can do this.

So yeah, this Sunday, August the 25th.... Chegu Carol is going to run a marathon. Never mind it is only a 10km marathon. I hope to be able to strike 'Run a (10km) marathon' off my list this year. 

God's willing.

Siapa-siapa yang join tu BIM2013, jumpa di sanaaaaaaa.....

Til next post!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Yoga Progress: Standing Bow

Standing Bow pose has been one of my favourite pose from the first day I started practicing yoga. I just feel deeply mesmerized by the position of the body, the curve of the back, the elongated one leg up and the balance the whole body gets by simply stretching one end of the hand and the other leg. It just look so elegant. No wonder, it is also called a Dancer's Pose.

When I first started, I didn't know how to place my legs and abs properly.

On Day two, after throughly studying the pose, I managed to properly lift up my leg and align my torso.

Coming to Week Two and after pretty much digging details of the pose, I was able to get into some proper form of it. And I must admit, I kind of love the progress.

On the following week, I was aiming to get the back leg straighter and torso more aligned with the floor by arching the spine more. I didn't get much progress aside maintaining the posture I achieved from the week before.

Unfortunately, I was too ambitious the following week when doing Intense Side Stretch pose. I injured my left back thigh causing intense pain whenever I tried to stand straight on it.  It's been a week and the muscle is showing sign of recovery but VERY slow. I couldn't wait and so I trained my other leg to be the standing leg. This is as much I could do with my left side. Back too stiff to arch. *sigh*

Praying that my injury will get better as soon as possible. However, I feel good about the overall progress. I have been very religious with my practice and started to do yoga on daily basis from the 4th week.

How do I stay put?

Let's just say, Instagram and the people in it makes me motivated. Ha!

Till next post!

Book Lover vs Book Worm

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