Friday, June 28, 2013

Double Cheers!

Last January marked my 8th year tenant in the government service. With that, I was qualified to be promoted to another level.
Level up, and so does the pay.
I feel blessed.

At the same time, my school selected me and some others as recipients for 2012 Excellent Service Award. And that makes me a thousand bucks richer.
I feel blessed.
APC 2013 (13)

Getting a promotion and at the same time being recognized for what you have done is certainly something to be happy about. Something to remember for a long time.

So I decided to commemorate these two events by buying myself a gold chain with pendant.

At least I can look at my necklace and said, "This, for some happy moments in my life".

I feel blessed.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

In time

In the past couple of months, I thought life was miserable (for me) when things didn't go my way. No, it has not reached the point of giving up. Not yet. But yes, I felt miserable. And when this feeling bug me, I blamed EVERYTHING around me except myself. Of course, I know better not to announce it on the radio.

I believe in yin and yang. Good things will come after bad and vice versa. That, I learned from many years of subscribing to Lilian Too's Monthly Feng Shui handbook.

Ever since I stopped reading Feng Shui stuffs, by choice, I sometimes feel lost. And that occasionally gives me the urge to revert back to the book to guide me in my steered path. However, my faith teaches me that relying too much on Feng Shui book is committing number dos sin in the Catholic's Ten Commandments.

And so I pray.
Prayer is powerful.
No doubt. Cos God ALWAYS have mercy on His people.

I have received multiple good news recently, having gotten my work promotion (resulting in salary increment) among others. Yet, I don't want this round of good news to end.

Not yet.

Cos, I yearn for that one good news.
That one good news.

I shall wait for our time.
In time, that one good news will come knocking our door.
Have faith.


Sunday, June 9, 2013

A not-so-new beginning

Removing all my treasured rants from carolchs dot com to here.

How do I feel?
Not great.

Leaving behind things that have been with you for years. Attachment they call it. Not great at all.

But change should be viewed in a positive outlook.
So here I am.

Starting a new leaf. Here. Free (and that's the only great thing about this for now).

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