Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Ran a Full Marathon: Checked.

This is already an old news. But hey, i finally strike off another list on my I List... tab.

Some joy it was and still is.... I still have the whole thing fresh in my head but let me spare you the boredom reading my rants of talking and trying motivating myself during the entire run.

So I have finished a 42km marathon. Now what? Will I want to do it again, and again? Or have I have enough?

Truth is, and true to what most running friends have said, I will want to do it again. Perhaps more. It is just a question of when will I do it again?

The question remains.

Book Lover vs Book Worm

Growing up, I do not have much memories of wanting or loving books. I don't even remember being a young reader, passionate about books....