Sunday, September 29, 2013

With a Purpose

NOTE: Rant post

In life, almost everything we do comes with a purpose.

Why do we eat?
Why do we cry?
Why do we get married?
Why do we have children?
Why do go to school?
Why do we work?

There's always a reason behind our actions.

"Tambah kurus lah kau ni, beryoga-yoga."

"Cukup-cukup lah pigi berlari tu, nanti tinggal kertas ja badan ko."

"Patutlah kau kurus. Pigi Zumba lah..futsal lah...jogging lah..."

I am slender. I know.
My stomach is flat. I know.
My body fat is around 20%. Normal. I know.

But what YOU must know, I am blessed with all the above even without exercising. Thank you Lord!

So no, I don't exercise to get slimmer. It's my heart that matter the most. You know, that blood pumping organ on your left chest that ensure you to stay alive. Well, technically it's about in the middle of your chest.

Now, why do I put effort in doing all these muscle-stretching routines?
Well, besides the general reason of taking care of the heart... it's the surge of adrenalin rush that makes me feel on top of the world, seeing sweat roll down my forehead and all over my body. The blood that pumped into all my body system making every sensor in me wide awake.Not forgetting the euphoric feeling when I can do things beyond my own expectation. i.e. do a headstand and hold for 30 long seconds!!

Don't get it?

I couldn't care less to explain more.
Go find yourself a time to exercise and find that experience I mentioned above.

So the next time you tell me that I do not have to exercise cos I am already a lean meat, be prepare to get this...

"Ya, kalau orang gemuk mau exercise tapi tu hati tidak bersih, sama juga tu tidak pandai kurus."

That is, if you understand what sarcasm is.

Til next post!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ticked off...

So, in my previous post I mentioned that I was going to join a 10KM marathon. I did.

I REALLY did it!

It was a  thrilling experience for a first time runner like me. I did my run training on a standard (boring) track where I only ran round and round until I reached my target distant. But running on a real marathon, on a road with cars passing by and runners next to you... the feeling is totally different from my training. Heck, I didn't even stop in the first 2km of the run cos everyone was running and I was not going to let my ego down and stop (like I used to do during my training ; 400m run 100m walk). It's amazing how I didn't feel tired and was rather enjoying my run. Well, not until I had passed the 7km distance lah. Seriously.

Initially, I jumped into the running fun cos I wanted to tick off 'ran a marathon' in my yearly list-to-do. So, I did tick if off. But, I didn't realize how the post-run effect could affect me this much.

I am already looking forward a longer distance run!!

Aside the first time experience, I am grateful I decided to join the run. Running gives another meaning to my life. To appreciate my body, inside out.

I have never done a constant long distant training run before. But joining the marathon, I had to kick my butt off the bed as early as 6am, thanks to two weeks of school holiday prior to the run. As I ran into my second week of intensive training, I felt so much energized to get up in the morning and go for a run. Not just because of the run date was closing near but I wanted to feel the sweat, the sore muscles and the good feeling of stretching my muscles with yoga practice after a run. And most of all, morning run and yoga keep me energetic throughout the day!

Now that the BIM 2013 is over, and after a week of rest, I am yearning to run the track again. So, I went running yesterday. I just couldn't explain in details how ecstatic I felt when my heart pumping vigorously during my run. Or how contented I was when sweat rolled down my face profusely. I guess, you have to be in my shoes to comprehend my feeling.

So, the run?
I clocked 1 hour 15 minutes to finish the 10 kilometres run.

It was way better than I had set on myself when I first registered.

Eh, gambar?
Ada bah... Sikit lah.

Joyce a.k.a Osso and I at the starting point before the flag off.
Some friends I met during the event.
Noy, Maslight and I.
We met via blogging!
Daniel Chiam of room8five 
Noy in da house!!
 And it wouldn't be complete without my fav Standing Bow pose.

BIM 2014 anyone?

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