Saturday, July 13, 2013

Slowly piecing in...

If you have been following my previous blog at carolchs dot com (which is now suspended), you could have read several posts regarding my dream house. In that particular post, I mentioned that, I could only picture the back yard to my dream house. Other than that, the layout of my dream house was still vague.

As I was driving back to my hometown last weekend and thinking about having my own house, flashes of images; starting from the backyard, slowly going into the patio, to the dining hall and by the time I realized it, I have somehow 'built' up my dream house. Well, not the entire structure but yeah, I am able to see how the layout of my future house will look like.

I wonder where did these pieces came in?

It feels like whenever I think of that layout  (and I am thinking of it now), I am actually inside my house wandering every corner of it. You get what I mean? The only thing that ain't finish is how it will look like from the main door towards the outside of the front porch.

It delights me knowing that I could possibly  have a design of the house that I am going to have one day. It is just a matter of when and how my budget stretch is going to help materialize this dream.

Since I can say the layout/design of my future house is roughly 80% in my head, I hope to put a timeline as to when I can start putting aside moolah for Dream House Budget.

God's willing.

Here's the non-artist impression of my dining hall. The first corner of the house that keep popping in my head once I decided to have a spacious back lawn similar to that of the back lawn in Marley & Me the movie.

dining hall (1)


  1. uiseh chegu ada sketch suda tu.. kalau sa kan ada ruma sndri sa rasa sa utamakan bed room n living room o.. tp sa suka ruma ada backyard. ada gazebo ada kolam ikan n a few bed of veggies kali.. he he (daydreaming sda sa.. katuk kapla o )

    1. Usually orang memang ingat living room kan? well, sebab i know my living room will not be difficult to tackle that's why i am more keen on how my the layout to my backyard will look like...i want it to look different from the usual layout for backyard yet cosy to's never wrong to daydream...the dreams are usually the one that keep us moving forward...

  2. Replies
    1. You think Ty? hehe thanks...crossing fingers this will materialize in no more than 5 years...

  3. May ur wish come true chegu.. wah best beryoga la tu d rumput2 hijau


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