Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Inspirasi datang

3 MAY 2017

I just got myself a new laptop.
The previous one broke down almost three years ago.
Since then, I've always relied on my iPad to draft and post blog entries or sneak some time borrowing the husbter's laptop.
iPad broke down, it was down to my iPhone.
But blogging from the small screen iPhone is never my fancy.
So I got swayed away from the blogging community, again.
I pop up once in a while.
You know, just to make an update.
The least.

Not even 48 hours since I bought my MacBook Air, I'm already sitting and staring at my laptop for hours. First was getting some of my delayed work done. Next, browsing. Blog hopping.

Yeah, I did LOADS of that before. Blog hopping.

It just feel SO different typing on an actual keyboard than those touch pad.
It just feel alive, to be able to hear the click clack of the keyboard keys. It sends energy. It sends motivation. It sends inspiration.

So, is this inspiration?

Bah, tidur lah.

Till next post.

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