Sunday, January 11, 2015

To Onzie Or Not.

"Why do you need to buy again if you still have more?" asked the husband.

"But I don't have enough", she replied.

"Yes, you do. If you wash them on daily basis, you would have enough for 7 days a week."


That's me and my pension for pretty yoga clothing. But then again, this isn't just about yoga. You know, once you are into fashion and pretty clothing (or you're just born shopaholic), does not matter what type of sports you are into, you will find ways to wear attire that definitely helps with motivation to keep exercising. For instance, when I was into Zumba I was not spared in getting all crazy about their super punchy Zumba attires. Plus they are made of good quality material and fit perfectly for kick-ass Zumba workout. I still wear my Zumba racer back tank top cos they are so comfy I don't even have to wear anything underneath. 

Then came running. I can't be running a marathon (doesn't matter if it's a only a 10KM distance) in bulky track bottom and loose T-shirt, right? And of course I need one that can absorb heat, dry fast when sweating etc. So I look for a good quality running attires. That's what Nike, Adidas, Reebok bla, bla, bla are made of.

When I started Yoga, I wore my Nike training crop pants and a tank top. I thought, this is good. I don't need a shoe to work out. Even a pjs will do. Eventually, I realized I do need some sort of suitable yoga clothing to go with my practice cos there are some stretchy pants that look comfy but don't actually deliver what they claim. Then, I was introduced with certain brand names like Onzie, Liquido, Dharma Bums, Teeki Bum and lots more. I still have my doubts that these so-called yoga clothing are different. That they are equal comfort the like of Nike and Adidas until I wore my first Onzie capri pants. Later, I experimented with Dharma Bums and there's no turning back.

So, what is it with this branded clothing that gives high on people like me?

Well, first... they are GUARANTEED comfortable for wearing. I can wear them all day! The material used (mostly Polyester and Spandex mix) is breathable and moisture wicking. They feel like my second skin.

Second, and this is the obvious reason; the designs. Most of these brands offer vibrant and fresh designs. You couldn't resist looking (and buying). I know sports brands like Nike, Adidas and recently Reebok are coming up with such similar design concept as well but somehow, IMO these brands still lacking something in terms of materials used.  

Third, it definitely provides extra confident especially when you are working outdoors. It's something like dressing up for a dinner party. If people turns their head for you, and you are certain your choice of clothes and style are the reason for this attention, isn't that a sure instant confidence booster? When I wear my yoga pants, they snugged into me comfortably giving me the relaxation of wearing that I needed. This comfort makes me feel confident. Plus the punchy colors of my pants, that surely is a head-turner. 

Lastly, you don't need any other clothing other than these when wearing. Confused? The way these pants are tailored and sewn, there's this specific pattern at the vjj area that caters for comfort around it. So when wearing this kind of yoga pants, you won't need any other undies inside. This definitely saved you from VPL issue.

The thing about these made-for-the-sports clothing is the price tag. They always made a hole out of your pocket. When I first bought two items from Onzie, shipped directly from the US, they cost me about 450 bucks. If the buying stops at just two, that amount is considered OK. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Of course I want MORE. But after 4 pairs of Onzie, a pair of Dharma Bums and Red Tiger each, a few Body Angel Active Wear and Beyond Yoga bra top... I decided to be prudent in my buying. Only do transactions when the items are on Sale. Ha! Cheapskate, I know. But even when these brands are on sale, they still cost at least a hundred buck you know.

A note to you: This is not my attempt to lull you into buying expensive yoga clothes. I'm just saying this based on my experience. If you are interested to know this experience I'm talking about, it's your call. *wink*

So cheers to pretty yoga attire!


  1. My first sports bra I bought at H&M, cost me RM49.90. I am planning to get myself a tight for my running as well. I am still practicing Yoga at home after I quit the class. Selalu pakai sansut (the one looks like short/hot pant) saja and singlet. My concern now is the running shoe. I might get another one for hiking, for sports complex track, bla bla bla. Haha. Nda sah runner tiada 5 pasang different shoes for different tracks. Anyway, I kenal itu gambar kedua. Hehe!

    1. Kannnn? I just bought myself a pair of running shoes. That's bcos my old ones have worn out. It already shows effect of my running. But i do have different shoes for trail running as well as shoes to wear for ko-kum at school. Ha!

  2. I'll be splurging my money on clothes too if i have the money hehe...

    1. That's what I said when I was a student. Ha!

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