Sunday, September 29, 2013

With a Purpose

NOTE: Rant post

In life, almost everything we do comes with a purpose.

Why do we eat?
Why do we cry?
Why do we get married?
Why do we have children?
Why do go to school?
Why do we work?

There's always a reason behind our actions.

"Tambah kurus lah kau ni, beryoga-yoga."

"Cukup-cukup lah pigi berlari tu, nanti tinggal kertas ja badan ko."

"Patutlah kau kurus. Pigi Zumba lah..futsal lah...jogging lah..."

I am slender. I know.
My stomach is flat. I know.
My body fat is around 20%. Normal. I know.

But what YOU must know, I am blessed with all the above even without exercising. Thank you Lord!

So no, I don't exercise to get slimmer. It's my heart that matter the most. You know, that blood pumping organ on your left chest that ensure you to stay alive. Well, technically it's about in the middle of your chest.

Now, why do I put effort in doing all these muscle-stretching routines?
Well, besides the general reason of taking care of the heart... it's the surge of adrenalin rush that makes me feel on top of the world, seeing sweat roll down my forehead and all over my body. The blood that pumped into all my body system making every sensor in me wide awake.Not forgetting the euphoric feeling when I can do things beyond my own expectation. i.e. do a headstand and hold for 30 long seconds!!

Don't get it?

I couldn't care less to explain more.
Go find yourself a time to exercise and find that experience I mentioned above.

So the next time you tell me that I do not have to exercise cos I am already a lean meat, be prepare to get this...

"Ya, kalau orang gemuk mau exercise tapi tu hati tidak bersih, sama juga tu tidak pandai kurus."

That is, if you understand what sarcasm is.

Til next post!


  1. I couldn't care less about what people say about me, especially when I've decided to do something which is for my own good benefit. I think whatever you do, there'll always be someone who will look at it in a negative way. Just do what you wanna do, chegu. It will all be oh-so rewarding to your ownself in the end! :D


  2. hehehe besalah tu Kay... people talk we can't stop even tho sdh kena sindir2 or it's actually not a comfortable thing to say... just be urself & u r doing ok! :)

    1. Oh no, memang kenot stop one...but it's good to express out it here :D
      Thanks vera.

  3. 100% agreed with you chegu! Me too biasa suda dingar tu cakapan urg mcm tu. Macam la kita punya reason mo stay kurus seja padahal there are 100 more reason why we do what we do kan..
    P/S: Mmg euphoric betul tu perasaan when we able to do things that we never think we could kan...hehe!

  4. ada orang nda pandai paham ba tu purpose esesais..asal esesais mo kurus. kuno betul itu pikiran.

    orang esesais to be healthy not because of mau kurus.

  5. begitula bh kunu orng tu.. hi hi ada ja agenda ni mau cakap kunun.. hi hi yang penting happy bh chegu

  6. saya setuju dengan pendapat tidak semestinya bersenam itu untuk kurus... banyak sebab untuk bersenam. Bersenam itu untuk kesihatan. Bonusnya ialah badan lebih kurus, toksin dalam badan kurang dan badan lebih cantik. Cuma masyarakat kita selalu dimomokan dengan kenyataan untuk kurus kena bersenam,

  7. hey sis, forget all those people..i call them anklebiters. they're just jealous coz u're a beautiful, gorgeous teacher! :D

  8. I've met some of those people... I might be one of them too. I used to tell a friend that his brother should take it easy because his body was getting very big from exercising. I mean, his head looked small. What I simply meant was to not only focus on getting big muscle but he can focus on cardio. Hahaa ngam ka what I'm saying.

    Anyways, I should stopped talking because considering my own body mass, I should not talk more on this subject. Wakakaa.

    Happy weekend, Chegu!

  9. hahahaa good one!!! Sometimes the people around us like to sindir-sindir like nothing else to do. They see u slim salah, look fit also salah.. nice dress pun salah.. when I was younger I used to care but nowadays I dont give a damn :D

  10. hahaha kasi limpas saja tu chegu. mmg bikn panas itu :)


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