Sunday, June 9, 2013

A not-so-new beginning

Removing all my treasured rants from carolchs dot com to here.

How do I feel?
Not great.

Leaving behind things that have been with you for years. Attachment they call it. Not great at all.

But change should be viewed in a positive outlook.
So here I am.

Starting a new leaf. Here. Free (and that's the only great thing about this for now).


  1. Cin, please don't stop blogging. Do not stop writing. This is the real deal of keeping us to do write up. To share on ideas and experiences. And let's not forget the friendship that had been build up from blog foundation.

    Once a blogger, always a blogger. Be it in own domain or free.

  2. Hi Dee!

    Surprise to see you found your way here as I have not made this new blog officially published to the world. Ha! Anyways, thanks for the encouragement. I am yet to quit blogging. But yes, by July, there will be no more paid domain. Focusing my (writing) energy here. ^__^


  3. Aik..what happened moi? Y u suddenly changed to to blogspot? Hihi..

    1. LOL! Nothing too personal. Just that saya kedekut mau spend 300ringgit just to pay for my self hosted blog on annual basis. Buli bikin beli baju bah tu :)

  4. *waves* Oooo...ok bah juga.. :)
    lamanya sia nda blog hopping sudah....

    1. Hehe hola kadusmama...thanks for stopping by kio


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