Saturday, January 2, 2021

Hello Twenty 21

As always, annual New Year blog post.
First thing first, to update Lifetime List and ST Goals.

2020 was a roller coaster ride to most people due to the pandemic especially to those directly affected. Wouldn't dare say i understood the feeling cos even if i did, what's not being able to go out freely be terribly upsetting compared to those who have to witness loved ones gone because of Covid-19?
So, no. Not going to touch on that.

I put up the same short term goals for this year, adding health and specific saving as priority goal. That should always come first, right? But i didn't in the previous year. However, things that happened in 2020 concerning to health and money had shaken my conscious about these two. So, yeah.

24 books? Who am I kidding?
But even if I didn't get to finish 24, FIVE reads to be exact, it shouldn't press me up.
To read that amount without solid motivation and ehem, when Kdrama fever finally hit me (hard)...let's just take this as a more fun goal to look forward to in life. To be able to read 5 is better than none at all.

Over to my List of a lifetime...
I managed to tick THREE off!

1. I decided to put a little contribution to UNICEF.
Well, no asking why i chose this cause lah kan.

2. Diving checked! Well, more like a spontaneous decision. Carpe Diem.
The experience though is not something i would say i want more. Perhaps not very soon.
I kind of had a hard time especially when submerging into the water. Fear. Trauma. 
BUT! I'm proud i did not back off. Thanks to SIL and the young but experienced dive master who wouldn't let me give up.

3. An apartment of our own.
Thanks to the Pan Borneo project that affected our current inherited house, we were forced to find a new place to stay while the project is on going. We came upon my eldest brother's apartment for sale. With the help of FIL, we managed to seal the deal despite the pandemic. We haven't move in yet but praying 2021 will be a good time to be at a new home. Amen.

For this year, I am looking at three more things to strike. Semoga dipermudahkan.

As for the rest of 2020, quite a few new things learned or rather forced to learn and adapt. 
Most things going online including education. Tough year but we gotta do what we gotta do. 
On the fun part, i managed to learn how to grow bean sprouts and mushroom as well as (again, Carpe Diem) enrolled myself for a Pole Dance class. I couldn't finish the 2nd level class full term but i had so much fun learning and discovering my own body during the weekly class. Until i carpe diem again lah then i go continue finding my way upside down on the pole like a pro. Ha!

Overall, it was quite a year, that 2020.
Looked short; March to Dec...but looking back at my Facebook 2020 album, there were hefty activities going on that kept us busy whole year round. Of course, things that taught us some lessons to be more wiser and prudent.

THANK YOU Lord for the year that passed.
TOAST to another year to live life.

May God's grace and mercy shower us all in the next 363 days.


Some things to refocus and calibrate
Some things to just let blur in the background


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